History of The First Georgievsk Canning Factory.

•Cannery in Georgievsk was founded in pre-revolutionary times and originally had the name of Tomato-brewhouse. The production capacity was about 3 thousand cans of canned food per year.

•In 1930, the Tomato-cooking the plant received its historical name - "The First Georgievsk Canning Factory".

 •By 1970, the plant processed 6-7 thousand tons of raw materials and produced 12-14 million standard cans of canned products.

•In December 1973, as a result of new construction, one of the three largest in the Soviet Union, a new Cannery in Georgievsk, with a design capacity of 60.4 million equivalent cans, was put into operation. The number of employees was up to 1000 people. The latest products this plant released in 2003.

•In 2007, after bankruptcy, the company was acquired by new owners. The plant is located on its own land plot of 11.5 hectares, has its own production facilities. In 2013, the founders decided to modernize and modernize the enterprise.

•From December 2013 to April 2018, the production areas of the plant were updated and reconstructed, high-performance automated lines were purchased and installed. The total amount of investment is 553 million rubles. Planned capacity from 70 to 100 million cans per year. Number of employees up to 200 people.

The uniqueness of the proposals of the First GKZ

  • Guaranteed quality of raw materials for processing grown in the unique climatic zone of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, which has 300 Sunny days a year.
  • The proximity of the plant to the sources of raw materials, allowing to deliver fruits and vegetables for processing within 1-3 hours after collection.
  • Preservation of a highly professional team, whose technologists produced the well-known products of the Georgievsky cannery in the USSR, which remained in the memory of grateful buyers.
  • Preservation of traditional recipes of high-quality and tasty products produced according to GOST.
  • Systematic and consistent development of new formulations that meet the expectations of the most demanding customer. Factory laboratory is our quality control and our new product factory.
  • The ability to develop and launch the production of unique recipes for large buyers.

Invite to cooperation

Wholesale buyers
Regional and Federal trade networks
Regional trading companies
International trading company
Budget of the organization of sanatorium-resort organizations
Bakeries and confectionery production
Restaurants and catering establishments
Juice and ice cream manufacturers
Other companies and individual entrepreneurs who are interested in the products of the First Georgievsk Canning Factory.

«Tradition! Quality! Taste!» - slogan of the First GKZ